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Ugamo Goini real estate nd property management team offer to recruit real estate consultants to market and sell 2/3/4/5 bedroom terraced and duplexes
Consultant levels are as follows: executive consultant, assistant consultant, premium, silver , diamond , platinum. Each level makes you Grow Ownership Into Network Initiative with both personal benefit and group benefits. All you need is to create a pyramid group of 6 including you stand a chance to get both group benefits as well as personal benefit

Executive consultant by you selling a house and your group selling 5 houses
Bronze, by you having your first matrix of five consultants that have sold a house
Silver, each of your five consultants have become executive consultants and have already created their own matrix of five have sold a house
Gold create 15 direct consultants( 3 matrix of 5 consultants that have each sold a house and create a matrix of 5 each that have sold a house

Diamond create 25 direct consultants that have become silver members
>> Platinum you have reached the pinnacle where we expect all your consultants to be gold members
>> Each stage comes with super incentives
>> From new telephones/ laptops/ weekend at a luxurious 5 star hotel all expenses paid
>> 2 weeks holiday in a destination of your choice all expenses paid
>> Brand new SUVs
>> Own a home There will be monthly seminars
You are required to have daily communications/estate visitations with your direct consultants weekly..

Breakdown of commission

>> 15% of purchase price
>> 7.% to the consultant that sold
>> 3% to his matrix
>> 2% to first generation up line
>> 1.5% to second generation up line
>> 1% to third generation up line
>> 0.5 to fourth generation up line
>> 0.5 to fifth generation upline

Target: 1000 units of 1/2 3/4 bedroom apartments, semi detached duplexes and terraced houses prices from 29-45m ,now selling within a serene environment, gated clusters of 30 houses with own security and service charges , top notch finishes

Now selling

>> 18/24 months construction period
>> #2 m naira reservation fee( non refundable)
>> Minimum deposit of 50% as at when moving in
>> Balance spread over a 5 years period @ 10% into per annum paid on a monthly instalmental basis
>> Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the repayments
>> Maximum default period is 6 moths
>> Monthly default will incur an extra interest charge of 10% Service charge to be determined by management but not more than #25k a month